Wrote a guest article elsewhere!

Check it out here!

It’s the top 18 Pokemon that should not exist. Because we all hate some Pokemon and love some other Pokemon, but there are some that really shouldn’t exist at all. That’s what I listed! 18! 3 for every Generation!


I don’t know what else to say. It’s pretty self explanatory. So, yeah. Seeya!


2 thoughts on “Wrote a guest article elsewhere!

  1. nobody in particular says:

    idk if youre even gonna read this but
    I only stumbled upon this blog fairly recently but looks like its safe to say you’ve abandoned this little project. I think you’re a decent writer, at least while you’re interested in what you’re writing about (props to getting as far as you did, I would’ve lost motivation before reaching Pikachu.) Hopefully you haven’t given up if it’s something you truly do enjoy- not necessarily a blog but just writing in general

    Anyway on the off chance you do see this, I was wondering if you could do one last article, on your namesake? I recall you saying it was your favorite pokemon and you seemed excited to get to it, and I was looking forward to what you had to say

    sorry if this weird lol, you kept me entertained through many a dull day at work so just wanted to say thanks :3

    • Prof. Swadloon says:

      Why do one last article when there’s just over 5 more generations to do? I’ll be resuming this again starting tomorrow.

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